Frequently Asked Questions

On this page, we have gathered some answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive. We hope they will answer some of yours.

1. How much does it cost to get married in Tuscany?

The cost of a wedding in Tuscany depends on many variables: the number of guests, the location you choose for the ceremony and the reception, the type of event you decide to have and even the time of the year and the day of the week. Answering this question is impossible without knowing what you are looking for. We try to understand from the beginning the type of wedding in Tuscany you dream of and help you get a general idea of the budget you will need on the basis of our experience. With a budget in mind, we are best able to help you understand how you can plan a unique eventthat reflects your dreams and fits your budget. If we believe that your budget is not adequate for the event you want, we will tell you right away as we deeply value clear and transparent communication.

2. Will it be more expensive to plan a wedding in Tuscany with your help rather than have a D.I.Y destination wedding?

Usually it is not. Our fee is always included in the budget we have agreed on. We work hard to get discounts from our suppliers, which we pass on to you. We have agreements with many suppliers which guarantee a better price for our clients than they would get if they contacted them directly, and we can usually get good deals from whomever you decide to work with. To give you a clearer idea in numbers, if your budget is 10 and our fee is 1, we plan the event with 9 and keep 1 for ourselves. You still end up spending 10 with or without our help, but if we do the hard work for you, your life is much easier and the planning much more fun.

3. Why should I pay someone to do what I can do myself?

Couples choose to have us plan their wedding because:

  • they can’t come to Italy in person to arrange all the details for their wedding in Tuscany
  • they want an “insider’s” perspective on things and a local reference point
  • they don’t want to spend most of their time looking for things, but just choosing among the best options;
  • they don’t want to have to negotiate, but want to get good deals;
  • they want help with the design of the event’s style and theme;
  • they want something different from what they have seen at their friends’ and relatives’ weddings;
  • they want a fresh, creative point of view;
  • they are far away and they cannot look after the details of their wedding day by day;
  • they don’t want to get involved in the nitty-gritty details of the Italian bureaucracy and necessary paperwork.

If you want a truly Tuscan wedding with a twist, and experienced, enthusiastic and creative help, they you might like to work with us. We will be happy to help and to provide information about the fees for our services.

4. How much do you charge to plan our wedding in Tuscany?

Our fee depends on your budget for the event. For events with a budget of less than 10,000 euros we charge a fixed fee. For events with larger budgets, we charge 10% + taxes of the total budget. Our fee is included in your budget, so, as far as you are concerned, there is no difference in terms of costs, but a significant difference in terms of time and work.

5. Why do I have to pay a fixed fee if I have a small budget?

Unfortunately, there is no much difference in terms of the amount of time and effort required to plan a low-budget or high-budget wedding in Tuscany. Planning an event always requires a significant amount of work and the same creative effort, be it for as little as 2 or as many as 200 people, and for this reason we always need to charge at least the minimum fee which allows us to make a living doing what we love to do the most.

6. So how come other planners don’t charge their clients?

Some planners choose to work with a limited number of suppliers who have accepted to pay a percentage of the amount they get from you in return for the planner bringing them your business. This means that their choice is limited to those suppliers, whether or not they are ideal for your event. We prefer to be free to choose what works best for our clients and their project, without limiting ourselves to those suppliers who are willing to pay us a commission.

7. Don’t you have trusted suppliers and service providers?

Of course we do. We have suppliers and service providers with whom we have worked over the years and whom we know we can trust and recommend. But we also know that there are many more great professionals out there and that each event is unique and requires a unique treatment and care. Every wedding we plan is an opportunity to get to know great new suppliers and service providers, and to make Boutique Events grow. Our main goal is to plan and organize the event according to your desires are and to do so, we need to be free to keep looking for and contacting new people until we find exactly the right thing. The only service we provide directly is the flower décor, as one of us, Lorella, is a flower designer and the proud owner of Fiori e Dintorni.

8. How can we be sure you will not make us spend more to get a higher fee from us?

We mostly work thanks to good word-of-mouth and to the positive comments that our clients leave online. A couple of hundred euros more for us is not worth risking getting negative feedback. There needs to be a trustful relationship between us and our clients, otherwise working together becomes stressful and it does not make sense to embark on a long – and at times tiring – journey together. We do our best to ensure that the planning stage is pleasant and that it is a joyful beginning to the celebrations and not a stressful process.

9. How can we make sure you do pass our money to the service providers? What if they ask us for more?

Boutique Events is not an intermediary. The final relationship is always directly between you and the service providers. We select what we believe to be the best options for your event, and you choose among several suitable offers that we collect for you by contacting, interviewing and negotiating with local suppliers. You can discuss the details directly with the suppliers or we can help with that in case of language barriers, and in the end you pay the individual suppliers directly. On the day of your wedding/event or on the immediately preceding days we assist you in getting in touch with them and sorting out all the practicalities so that you can be sure that everything has been taken care of and running smoothly. However, we do not accept lump sums of money for the event to distribute to the different providers. On occasions we work with reliable travel agents who act as intermediaries by accepting the entire sum corresponding to your budget and paying the suppliers for you, including us. However, this only happens when we need to plan a complex package including accommodation and other services for the days that precede or follow your wedding day (wine tours, excursions, cooking classes, etc.), which by law can only be sold through a legally authorized travel agency.

10. We only need some of the services that you provide, but we would like your help anyway, is this possible?

Of course. We can help you design the event’s style, find the location, a photographer, or be there on the wedding day to coordinate the event. In these cases, we charge by the hour or with fixed fees for the coordination work. The first meeting to get to know each other is free of charge.

11. We have just started to look around to see if a wedding in Tuscany is the right choice for us. Can you help with that?

We can. After you contact us, we will need for you to answer a few questions for us so that we can fully understand what is that you are looking for. If you have a budget in mind, we will let you know if we think the budget is suitable and if so, what you can get for it. If you don’t have a budget in mind, we will send you a rough estimate, based on our experience, of the costs involved for the type of event you would like, with sample price ranges for the various services you require, and a few ideas for venues which might be suitable. This will give you an idea of how we work. For further consultation, we apply a fixed fee of 200 euros + VAT which includes 3 hours of our time to do some research and answer your questions by phone, skype, instant messaging or email. This fee will be deducted from the total planning fee if you hire us to plan your wedding.

12. Why do we have to pay to have some simple information about how things work in Italy if we are not yet sure if a wedding in Tuscany is what we want?

You don’t have to pay to get a full picture of how we work, how much a wedding in Tuscany would cost or if your budget is suitable. We offer the first consultation via email for free. However, what might seem like “simple information” to you, might require some research on our part, and our expertise on how things work  and our help to get things done is ultimately what we “sell”. Contacting vendors and venues to find out about exact prices and availabilities and relating that to you via email or phone is a very time consuming process and for this reason it is a service we only offer to clients with whom we have a contract in place so that we are sure that they are as invested in the process as we are. We are aware that choosing to get married in Tuscany is a big decision, and for this reason we provide detailed information on how we work right from the beginning and we try to give a picture of what you can expect in terms of costs and services. We are always happy to provide references too, and we regularly publish our events on our blog. If you need further consultation, we are happy to provide it for a fee of €200 + VAT (see question 11). If you decide to hire us for the full planning, this fee is deducted from the total planning fee for the event so that this initial consultation doesn’t cost you anything extra.

13. We just need some advice in finding a reception venue. We can take care of the rest of the details ourselves.  Can you help us with that?

We will be happy to provide you with an initial consultation for free (see questions 11 and 12) which includes some ideas for possible venues.  For a more detailed search we charge a fee of 300 euros + VAT.  You will receive a detailed proposal for up to 5 venues which includes all contact information, venue availability and a general idea of the costs involved.  If you wish to visit to the venues on your own we can make the appointments for you.  If you then decide to hire us for the full planning, this fee is deducted from the total planning fee for the event so that this initial consultation doesn’t cost you anything extra.

14. We are considering getting married in Tuscany and we will be in the area for a few days. Can you take us to see some venues?

This is a service we only offer if our schedule allows it. We will be happy to provide you with an initial consultation for free (see questions 11, 12 and 13) which includes some ideas for possible venues. If you wish for us to accompany you to see the venues, we will arrange for you to see up to 3 venues per day for a fee of 50 euros + VAT per venue (min. of 100 euros + VAT per day).  The venues must be located at most 50km from one another. Please be aware that between May and October, it might not be possible to visit venues on the weekend because they are usually very busy with events.

Clients with a contract in place for the full wedding planning should note that visits to venues is not included as part of the service and must be paid separately, however, the fee for these clients is only 35 euros + VAT.  If you end up selecting one of the visited venues as the location for your event, the cost of the visit to that venue will be deducted from the total planning fee.

If you didn’t find the answer to your questions, please contact us at any time via email ( we will be happy to answer your questions with no obligations on your part.

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