A wedding on the beach or in Tuscany? Both!

For many couples considering a destination wedding, a wedding on the beach or a wedding in Tuscany are usually two alternatives to choose from. Few people know that Tuscany not only has the world-famous countryside people dream about, it also has some great sandy beaches which make for the perfect wedding location.

The Maremma is an unspoilt coastal area with plenty of choices for people who are looking for a beach wedding. This way, you don’t have to choose one or the other: you can have both a wedding in Tuscany and a wedding by the sea!

You can go for a nice pre-wedding photo-shoot in the countryside among the vineyards and the olive trees, and have your wedding on a beautiful sandy beach.

Cristiano Brizzi

(Photo by Cristiano Brizzi)

If you are considering a wedding on the coast of Tuscany, there are many options to suit all tastes. You can choose a fancy hotel with a beautiful view over the sea, or one of the many establishments on the “lungomare” for a more informal wedding. Or you can choose to get married on the beach in a less “urbanized” area for a very romantic wedding.

hotel argentario

(Beautiful hotel Torre di Cala Piccola)

tuscany beach wedding

(Pretty Fiumara Beach)

tuscany beach wedding

(Great design by Lo Scalco)

In Italy, for a marriage to be legally binding, it must be celebrated in a town hall or a church, so only symbolic weddings can be celebrated on the beach. But the setting is really beautiful.

beach wedding tuscsany

And here is a little inspiration for your wedding on a Tuscan beach!

tuscany beach wedding

From left to right, we loved this beautiful, yet simple arrangement with flowers in glass containers (from Style me pretty). A light blue wedding dress with a yellow bouquet would be ideal for a beach bride (flowers by Fiori e Dintorni). A nice bag with lots of items for a day on the beach is a perfect welcome gift for your out of town guests (from Style me Pretty). A mix of orange and blue would be really nice for the bridal bouquet (bouquet by Carmen Floral Design), or if you prefer a more romantic wedding, you could simply choose shades of blue and cream (flowers by Fiori e Dintorni)! Providing your guests with rice paper so that they can leave you a message in a bottle is a really cool idea for the guestbook (from Blushing Bridezilla). If your wedding party is quite small, you can opt for a single table by the sea (from Style me Pretty) and the warm colours of the centerpiece with tropical plants and candles would be perfect for the table setting (from Style me Pretty). Parasols might come in handy and they always make for cool photos (by Pamela Parasols), and nothing is more romantic than sky lanterns released on the beach! Finally, another combination of light blue and orange for a beach wedding ceremony: lovely (from Doodle & Design)!

We can help you plan your wedding on a beach in Tuscany! Contact us for details! Please keep in mind that the best months for a beach wedding are from mid June to the end of August.

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