Orange blossoms the most traditional of the wedding flowers

If you choose to get married in Italy, you should know that orange blossoms are the traditional wedding flowers par excellence and a symbol of virginity.

(Fiori e Dintorni)

A legend going back thousands of years has it that, in a garden on a paradise island, three girls, daughters of Atlas and Nyx, guarded a tree that gave wonderful fruits. It was an orange tree that had been given by the Goddess Gaea to Zeus as wedding present. For this reason orange blossoms are considered of good omen for the couples who are about to get married.

Choosing to use orange blossoms in your wedding flowers means continuing an ancient tradition.

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(Fiori e Dintorni)

According to the rules of etiquette, flowers are the only “ornaments” that a bride is allowed to wear on her wedding day.  Traditionally, bridal wedding flowers were purchased and delivered by the groom to the bride on the morning of the wedding. The bridal bouquet was traditionally chosen by the groom or by his mother as a first present to her soon-to-be daughter-in-law. Nowadays, it is almost always the bride who chooses her bouquet, which can be round, long and usually cradled on her arm or a cascade bouquet depending the wedding dress.

(Fiori e Dintorni)

After a few years, during which orange blossoms were neglected and often replaced by a few drops of orange blossom essence, they are becoming very popular again. Many brides choose to have some in their toss bouquet because they are also a symbol of fertility.  At the end of the ceremony the bouquet will be tossed to the bride’s unmarried girl-friends, and the one who catches it is believed to be the next to get married.

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