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Flowers are one of the most important elements of the event design. When people tell us they are willing to save on flowers to stick to their budget, we always try to find better ways to save a few euros. Flowers contribute to the atmosphere of your event in a crucial way, and a pretty flower decor makes for beautiful wedding photos. It is not necessary to break the bank to have lovely wedding flowers. A good flower designer will be able to recommend the best solution to fit your budget.

Even though a recent trend in Italy is to ask for rare or uncommon wedding flower combination, we would like to dedicate today’s post to the most traditional and classy of all flowers: roses. Far from being boring, roses come in countless varieties and can be used in wedding flower arrangements of very different kinds.

Tuscany wedding flowers roses

(Photos by Fiori e Dintorni)

Very simple designs make for really beautiful details.

(Photos by Vallentyne Photography –  on Style Me Pretty)

(Photos by Corbin Gurkin – on Style Me Pretty)

We love these delightful corsages on a traditional Tuscan chair!

wedding flowers - roses

(Photos by Fiori e Dintorni)

Finally, roses are perfect both in traditional and romantic settings and in bolder arrangements.

wedding flowers roses

(Photos by Fiori e Dintorni)

Check some of the flower arrangements we created for our weddings in Tuscany!

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