Traditional Italian Wedding Cakes

If you are planning on getting married in Tuscany you should be aware that the local traditional wedding cakes are quite different from what you might be used to. Even though it is now possible to get all types of wedding cakes, including traditional American-style wedding cakes, traditional wedding cakes in Italy are either large one-layer cakes or the so-called “torte nuziali a più piani”, 3 to 5 or even 7 cakes placed on different levels, the smallest one on the top.

Italian Wedding Cakes
Photos by Anna’s Cake, I due laghi, Fabio Marras)

Tuscany wedding cakes

Italian wedding cakes are usually made of sponge cake, filled with crème or Chantilly crème, and covered in whipped cream. They can also be made with chocolate sponge cake or mille-feuille puff pastry.

Wedding cake tuscany

(Photo by Sweet Almond)

wedding cake

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Wedding cakes can be decorated with flowers, edible colours, cream or cake toppers.

(Photo by SuDolce)

(Photo by Bella Cupcakes)

Another popular trend is to have a fruit cake: a base of shortbread with pastry crème decorated with colourful fresh fruit.

italian fruit wedding cake

(Photo by Lorenzo Ciani)

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